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Yucatan honey stands out for being among the best, healthiest and richest honeys in the world, so we could not stop taking this wonderful ingredient into account, being faithful lovers and caretakers of bees. At Yucatan Herbal we trust in honey as a magical ingredient for health, the body, hair and for life.

We created an identity that highlights the origin if their ingredients as well as the benefit. The inspiration came from the Mayan Faun, specifically the jaguar considered sacred to the Mayan civilization. We chose a monocromatic palette that contrast with vibrant and neutral colors to highlight the environmental, social and economic benefits over their whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal. 
The labeling has a minimal editorial with negative spaces to evoke exclusivity in equilibrium with the handcrafted process.

Photography: Nirvana Nungaray

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