The story tells, that three gods descended from the clouds to the earthly world with the premise of seeding a plant that was capable of transmitting feelings, from their divine bodies the maguey was born. In their pointed leaves, bordered by thorns they kept their wisdom in the center, the nectar. The gods planned to give mortals this wonderful plant.
Many years ago, on a morning where it could be clearly seen that the clouds were especially close, especially white, especially illuminated, the attentive gods observed a little boy who had been born among the maguey fields sheltered by the imposing mountains of the Valley of Oaxaca. They looked at each other happily and agreed to give him the gift of working the magical Duba. A ray of light descended from the sky covering the little boy and his mother with warmth. Inspired, he grew up looking for the formula to make the Elixir of the Clouds.
Fulgencio® was born valuing the work of its people, the cycle of nature, the magic of crops, the art inside the ovens, the artisan process involved in producing it and every memory that drinking it brings. It reincarnates the story of two worlds coming together, the connection of the gods, man and the countryside.
A product that protects both the fields and their growers and is the guardian of that gift that was granted to that little boy in ancient times.

Fulgencio® Elixir de las Nubes.

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