Alejandro Flores – Founder / Creative Director
Alejandro Flores – Founder / Creative Director
María José Du Solier – Project Manager
María José Du Solier – Project Manager
Omar Morano – Design Manager
Omar Morano – Design Manager
ABOUT US   We are HUMAN, an independent design firm founded by Alejandro Flores, established in 2016 currently with clients in over 16 countries worldwide. 

We are a collaborative team of designers that are driven by learning, strong design fundamentals, strategic thinking informed by research and delivering meaningful value. 

We strive to create an environment where each one of us elevates the work of one another. We execute thoughtful, strategic work.  We offer a supportive, strategic and passionate team to elevate and establish the brand's unique value proposition.

Your brand is of utmost, core importance to us, and we have the skills and experience to bring focus and clarity to your identity and voice to mindfully evolve your brand over time.
PHILOSOPHY   To improve human condition and well being. 

For design to be more relevant to human condition and contribute to human activity, it has to have a value beyond it's purchase price and style. A lasting value that relates to human existence. That is significant, timeless, affective, ethical, sustainable, tells a narrative and enhances our lives.

We move design concern beyond mere style and shape to include experience, service and participation. As a branding firm we understand successful design posses the strength to forever impact our lives.
SERVICES   We create brands with Human approach.
Branding is our main focus and point of intervention. We define brand strategies, names, create bespoke identities, packaging, labels, marketing platforms and brand collaterals. Our services are listed below.

– Brand strategy 
– Content development 
– Marketing 
– Tone of Voice 
– Naming 
– Slogan 
– Tag line

– Brand identity 
– Visual language 
– Brand Guidelines 
– Logotype systems 
– Typography 
– Collateral Design 
– Packaging / Labeling 
– Editorial

– UX / UI 
– Web design 
– Web development 
– Interactive design 
– Responsive design 
– E-commerce
Photo Film Production   
– Art Direction 
– Photography 
– Video 
– Storyboards 
– Production 
– Set Design 
– Styling

Arquitecture and Industrial Design
– Architecture 
– Interior Design
– Object Design
– Product Design
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