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In an atmosphere that invites you to relax, full of plants and warm colors that stand out throughout the place and among the main points of interest, find an open kitchen that is an invitation to get involved in the concept, this is how Olenna will captivate you in all the senses, first for its comfort, its beautiful terrace and for its impeccable food created by renowed Chef Maycoll Calderón.

For the Olenna identity, we took inspiration found in the three basic products of Mediterranean agriculture: wheat, vine and olive trees, which give the three basic products of traditional food in that area: bread, wine and olive oil, also known as the Mediterranean Triad. The isotope creates a simple yet strong link with the robust Mediterranean cuisine.

For the color palette we also took inspiration from the Mediterranean region in a balance that blends together harmoniously between blues and browns. The logotype, constructed from a serif typeface, was especially conceived to look like types found in antique marble chisel engraving found in the area.

Interior design by  Niz+Chauvet

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