Modern whisky 5,000 years in the making /

Gran Maizal is a corn whisky made with ancient varieties from the Yucatan Peninsula including the oldest recognized lineage in the scientific community: Nal T’eel.  

The entire bottle serves as a testament to the Gran Maizal process. For the primary label we implemented an innovative process in the spirits industry in the use of corn leafs, a practice never employed before, for the secondary label we carefully chose a Fibers paper to enhance the artisanal feel.

Additionally, the terracotta vessels, used for aging the whisky, have been incorporated into the neck of the bottle through another innovative process using mud. The texture within the bottle captures the reflection of light in the water from the cenotes, known as the mangata.

We designed an experience while holding the bottle that provides a complete sensory experience, offering a tangible connection to the narrative of the product's origin.

Gran Maizal embodies the most cherished ingredients from ancient Mexico. 
It emanates from thousands of years of Mesoamerican culture proudly passed on from one generation to the next.

Location Photography: Tamara Uribe.

Rested in handmade terracotta.
The terracotta vessels were designed for GRAN MAIZAL to preserve the character of nixtamalized maize while balancing with toasted wood and enhancing aromatics.
GRAN MAIZAL whisky is crafted and bottled at their own distillery — Destileria La Vibora in Merida, Yucatán.
Honoring and revitalizing the gifts of ancient Mexico one sip at a time.

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