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​​​​​​​The philosophy behind the Yaldara Wine Collection stems from its founder Hermann Thumm who first started crafting from the select premium South Australian wine regions of the Barossa Valley in 1947 and was one of the regions first boutique winemakers.

Today, we embrace this approach through the crafting of balanced, structural new re brand. We created a visual solution though a system of color and type. We created a new icon to celebrate the heritage of the brand and the Chateau, the site chosen for the winery back in 1947. We wanted to create a sensorial label with a premium feel, emboss was the option. The color palette was inspired by the valley and the iconic sunsets of the region, adding a specific element of closeness from the region to the label.

Overall the new Chateau Yaldara celebrates, heritage, quality, craftmanship and the region of Barossa in South Asutralia..

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