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Since 1920, the Anfora factory produces professional porcelain designed for hotels and restaurants in Mexico. They specialize in strong and resistant products, with a wide range of enamels and unique shapes that export all over the world.

They are the leading company in quality, design and service of ceramic products, exceeding the expectations of their customers to meet their needs in a timely manner.

We were tasked to create the logo and identity that celebrates the 100th anniversary of the company. 
To fulfill this task, we took aim in analyzing and understanding what makes the company unique.

We took reference in the most symbolic forms of plates the company sells to create the number 100 as well as the pattern of a bird in the Talavera technique one of the earliest and most iconic design the company produces.
 As a result we created a memorable, unique and timeless logo and pattern that represents 100 years of the brand's legacy.

"We are convinced that being for 100 years at the table of each of you has shown us that we have a commitment to be better every day, we have focused on the strength of the best kitchens, living with the cuisine of our country and the world, we are convinced that we are part of everyone's table. "

Anfora 1920-2020

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