Proud to unveil Metamorph, our project for Make a Mark® at LuxePack® Monaco. 

When Make a Mark approached us, the responsibility that came with the opportunity was immense. But what truly captivated us was the shared philosophy between the two companies. Make a Mark is all about creating a lasting impact through design and innovation, while at Human, we see design as our legacy to society and humandkind. Together, we share a vision of excellence and a commitment to creating work that is not just beautiful, but also meaningful.A vision of excellence and innovation through design for generations to come. 

Metamorph represents the essence of designer, the ability to transform an idea into a tangible reality that not only looks beautiful but also enhances the world. Our project manifests our brand ethos and creative process, transforming our logo into a meaningful object representing our commitment to innovation, creativity, and design's transformative power. 

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