To improve human condition and well being / 

For design to be more relevant to human condition and contribute to human activity, it has to have a value beyond its purchase price and style. A lasting value that relates to human existence. That is significant, timeless, affective, ethical, tells a narrative, enhances our lives, and creates a rich story for our collective personal and cultural identities. 

We move design concern beyond mere style and shape to include experience, service and participation. As a branding firm we understand successful design posses the strength to forever impact our lives.

Concept - Human Legacy /

The dots between the logotype represent the four elements found in the human genome ( DNA ).

The identity is inspired in space travel that portrays minimal and modern aesthetic with a unique element in copper. The collaterals and stationery are instantly more distinctive, bringing together a versatile and agile visual identity, which represents the essence of the firm.

Brand Narrative /

Humans shape our planet. Design shapes humans. Design is our legacy. By Human for humans

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