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Titino is a Mexican brand of accessories that was born with the firm objective of creating fashion with awareness and social focus. Climate change is demanding immediate change, forceful change, and the fashion industry cannot be left behind. The invention of new materials with a high organic content will undoubtedly benefit in reducing the polluting effect of our industry.​​​​​​​
This is the case of the vegan skin that we use, a proudly Mexican invention, which is made with one of the millenary plants of our land: the nopal.
Titino not only seeks to be friendly to the environment, but also to avoid animal suffering, by using 100% vegan supplies. They are a brand committed to eradicating animal abuse.
We created an identity that speaks its own language, we moved from over used serif fonts that abound the fashion industry to create e memorable manuscript logo that disrupts the fashion category.

Titino 100% Vegan 

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