DEP P&G is the oil exploration and production segment of DIAVAZ, the biggest private oil & gas company in Mexico.

What drives DEP P&G is the motivation to contribute to concrete and relevant changes to overcome the challenges Mexico faces in the framework of the energy reform.

In the path of strengthening the company in their first 15 years of operation, they have created partnerships with Petrobras and Inpex, world-class oil companies, which marked their first steps in the operation of Oil and Gas fields. They continue to set important milestones in oil exploration and production, through obtaining Comprehensive Exploration and Production Contracts with Pemex.

Today, proud of what they have accomplished in such short time, they are aware that it was the result of 3 fundamental pillars: 
1. Human capital 
2. Strategic alliances 
3. Operational excellence

The core values ​​of the company seek to serve as a guide in behavior and decision making for members of the organization. These values ​​aim to connect daily behavior in order to achieve goals and objectives. 

In this way the values ​​can be categorized to support three great characteristics that the company looks for: 
1. Grow and generate value in projects that they undertake 
2. Work as an organization efficiently integrated and aligned 
3. Focus on the efficiency of the processes for the organization

The 3 pillars were translated into an untouchable symbol that expresses the core values that have guided DEP P&G as one of the biggest Oil and Gas companies in Mexico.

Overall, we created a systematic and clear brand for a powerful company that is building the energy of tomorrow. 


Fragment of the Redesign Video for the company

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Brand Symbol Rationale / 3 Pillars​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Brand Core Values

Oil fields logo variations

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