Coquetier® / Between Bitters 

Coquetier® aims to revolutionize the signature cocktail experience in Mexico City and Latin America. The goal is to bring the highest cocktail experience as those served in the best bars in the world in a bottle.

Coquetier offers signature bottled craft cocktails for personal consumption, hospitality businesses (restaurants, bars and hotels, etc.) where their product optimizes logistics, operational standardization and the profitability of offering signature cocktails in any business or at home. (B2C and B2B).

For the Coquetier´s identity, we took inspiration in birds, the naming came from an old story about the origin of the cocktail
which dates back to the 19th century, where in a New Orleans pharmacy, a pharmacist named Antonio Peychaud used to offer his friends a drink prepared in an egg cup (coquetier) following a recipe based on cognac, sugar and bitters (later called Peychaud bitter). This cocktail is today called Sazerac and it was the first cocktail in the world. 

The entire brand system was derived from the word Coquetier, the egg and obviously the birds. Each Cocktail has an specific bird name based on its characteristics and liquid color; we used the Quetzal as the main bird for the brand due to its exotic colors and presence in all of South of Mexico and Central America. 

We created a dynamic experience adding a QR code in every drink to scan, taking the bar where you are at any time at any place. 
We are excited to share the art of cocktails with Coquetier® Between Bitters.

Bienvenido a #elartecoquetier  @coquetierbb 

Ilustrations: Eduardo Ramón Trejo

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