The situation / 

The Sofa industry in Mexico has been losing its profitability year after year, department stores increase the cost of the sofa in a substancial way, so having a good quality sofa at a good price is almost impossible.

Our client approached us looking to launch a low cost modular sofa with aim to the millennial market.  

The business model is direct to customer, which allows prices to be lowered considerably.

The concept /

Keeping the brand’s core values in mind, we helped develop the name, brand identity, design, art direction, brand strategy, packaging and website.

We created The Sofa Club around the millennial generation. We took focus on designing a brand that is empathic with the potential market.

Buying a sofa transcends into a much deeper subject than just how much it costs, it usually refers to a major change in someone's life, like going to live in your own, marrying, having a family, a roomie, going abroad...

Under the concept of union and camaraderie, The Sofa Club proposes just that, a union between all the individuals who are going trough a mayor change in their lives.

The brand invites its users through its friendly and unique verbal language, to join the club, to be adventurous.

Welcome to The Sofa Club!

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