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Don Tuch is a Fast-food restaurant located in Mexico City. 

The gastronomic tradition coming from Yucatán, is taken towards an eclectic concept combining authentic flavors in a memorable and unique way. Don Tuch is a tribute to Yucatán cuisine with a fast food approach.

For the brand's identity, we wanted to create contrast between vintage nostalgia reinterpreted in a playful way, 
we used a serif typeface and vibrant color palette to convey balance also we created a character named "Don Tuch" after the restaurant name to enhance this friendly approach. 

Reproduction of the branding assets was very important, we created different sets of stickers and stamps to lower reproduction costs.  The result is a unique friendly and close approach that welcomes every member of the family to enjoy this delicious food in a more relax ambience.

Bienvenidos a Don Tuch!

Character Illustrations: Charles Miranda.

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